NIPPON GOHSEI employee over 100 people in the UK. Would you like to be one of them?
We employee people in the following Job roles.

  • Process Technicians
    Process Technicians who monitor the plant and the equipment both within a Control Room and out on the Site. They generally work a 12 hour shift pattern.
  • Laboratory Technicians
    Laboratory Technicians carry out final product testing working within our State of the art Laboratory. We have both day based and shift based Chemists.
  • Maintenance Technicians
    Maintenance Technicians in the craft disciplines of electrical, mechanical and instrument. These people maintain the plant working days.
  • Packaging Technicians
    Packaging Technicians who pack the final product ready for distribution.
  • Engineers and Process Specialists (Process, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument)
    These people provide specialist advice to maintain and develop the plant as well as troubleshooting.
  • Managers
    Covering all the key areas of Manufacturing and business support services.
  • Support Services
    Business support teams in HSE, Finance, Supply Chain, HR & Communications and IT.